Friday, December 10, 2010

On the road again♥☼♥☼♥☼♥☼♥☼♥☼♥☼

Good morning my lovely bloggers:) I hope you are all having a great start to the day!  Today I have my last  classes of the semester and then my ski team ( St. Cloud State) and I are on our way to Ironwood MI for our first weekend of ski races. Being on a collage ski team does not only mean that you are skiing a lot, but you are driving almost just as much. You learn how to sleep in every position possible and how to regulate the heat through out the van making sure that your toes stay thawed, but you don't break a sweat at the same time:) Then of course you have the typical winter driving problems: icy roads, blizzards and fog. Keeping all the wheels on the road is a common prayer on our journeys. So when were all in the van tonight what will you all be up too? Let me know your fun weekend plans!:) Love love love.. Erika home TUESDAY!:)
Jud 18:6 :)
"Go in peace," the priest replied. "For the LORD will go ahead of you on your journey."



  1. My plans tonight are me sitting alone missing you.:p

  2. Here from the bloghop.
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  3. Oh have fun !!! LOVE your blog ! You are so adorable !!!
    Following you :)

  4. Stay safe & good luck! I'm in so cal where our weather is around 75 degrees - can you believe it? I miss the makes it more christmasy.