Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My first run at this..

Hello:) I am just going to jump right in. Today I went for a run in the blistering winter wind of December 1st! I am so excited for the Christmas season to be coming up, it is such a great time of year. The happiest thing for me this Christmas is my sister Erika will be home just in time from her Internship with EMI in Costa Rica. My sister is the person that inspired me to write this blog she reminds me everyday that I need to run with the Lord, and put all my faith in him. Erika has such a strong relationship with the Lord, and I see him working through her so much. I am really used to only looking to the Lord when there is something tough in my life, but I have been learning to put all my trust in him. He is making huge changes in my life, and I will admit its scary sometimes. I find myself struggling with my friends. I want to bring them all on this journey with me. But I have learned that God works with everyone differently, and all I can do is be there for people, be the friend that God wants me to be, and show each of them Gods love.

 I hope you all are feeling the happiness of this time of year, even though the cold has set in:)
*Level 1 (easy) Run Hour and a Half


  1. Hannah!! This is SO fun and exciting :D we can be blog friends! LOVE YOU!

  2. This is sooo great! Yay!! God is going to bless you for stepping out in faith and seeking him!! What a light you will be for him with this blog and your life! love to you beautiful girl!!

  3. Yay Hannah! I am following you on here :-) Such a great theme for your blog!! You go girl!