Monday, December 13, 2010

The FINAL monday

Hello great friends! So the past weekend was super busy for me. I had 2 of my first ski races. The first one went great but the second one was not so hot:). Oh well its early in the season still and that the whole part of the sport is learning from each race, seeing what worked and what didn't and using the bad things to make yourself stronger the next time( which is this next weekend:P) But it was super fun with my team this weekend, we had fun getting the van up hills in the blizzard and trying to keep each other laughing as we all attempted to study for are many finals this week. :)

I started my week off with my biggest test of all, my Accounting final. The accounting class that I am in is the reason why people switch their major out of business because they cant pass this class:/ I took my final today and now all we can do is leave it with God. I pray that he doesn't think I need more accounting:)

Beyond all the yucky of finals this week is a BIG JOY! My sister Erika is home tomorrow! And I get to go home to her and my pets on Thursday. Its so close to Christmas I cant wait! I hope you are feeling the Lord surrounding you more then usual, I always feel closer to him. Put all your Joy and Love that he gives you into your days and make them be the best they can be:) Love to you all! I hope you had a great Monday!
Our pup Demi, she is a service dog in training with Can-Do Canines! 

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  1. Demi looks SO CUTE! And welcome home Erika!! :) See you girls soon!!