Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mrs. and Mr. Hallbeck

 The day started with lots of sugar per request of the bride!:)

 My man doing his thing:) He was the videographer.
All the Girlies! 

Friday couldn't have been any better! God blessed us with such a perfect day!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


 My big sissy Erika is getting married tomorrow!! We had a great bachelorette party for her earlier this month. With a dinner at Chino Latino and a fun slumber party we celebrated her bride-to-be-ness. I am so excited for her! Tomorrow is going to be such an amazing and special day!
 Erika and Dan in California earlier for his Marine boot camp graduation.

 Cutie love birds!! Dan will be wearing his dress blues at the wedding, I think it is going to look so good!!:)
Proud MOH!!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

RE-Cap Summer Training

This summer I coached about 20 kids from my old high school for nordic skiing. It wasn't quite what I expected, it was even better! We got pretty good weather through out the 6 weeks only a couple thunderstorms and some pretty hot days, but the kids were troupers and toughed it out. We did numerous time trials and some great specific strength intervals. But most of all we did a lot of technique work, and it payed off. The kids worked through many falls and frustrations to become comfortable and efficient skiers, some have some more "tweeking", but over all I am pleased with how hard they worked and how much better they all look. It was so fun for me and such a good learning experience.