Tuesday, August 9, 2011

God asks a lot from people who are blessed with a lot.

Today I was informed that I am bone marrow match for a 21 year old male. This past February some of you may of remember the MAZE presentation that I went to. It was a great magic show with some holy spirit mixed in. At the end we found out that the man that put on the show should have been dead 2 years earlier, but was saved by a young girl who gave him a bone marrow transplant. He gave us all the opportunity to sign up with the Be The Match Foundation. I gave a swab of my cheek to a lady and all my paper work, thinking that I was doing such a great thing by signing up.

Never did it cross my mind that God would give me the chance to save someone's life. I got a call today saying that I needed to get blood work done ASAP because I was a match to this young man. I would love to tell you all that I was full of joy for this opportunity, but honestly I burst into tears. As the lady read through the list of requirements for me for the next few months, my stomach dropped. All I could think of was the pain that I would have to go through, all the time I would put into this and how much of my fitness I was going to end up loosing. Thinking of my sports seasons and my D2 eligibility engulfed my whole mind fogging the face of the man I could help.

After many tears and a chat with my family, my mom reminded me of one thing, that sometimes the people that God blesses a lot, with families and talents and stability, sometimes he asks a lot of them. In my head at the moment this seemed huge ( in a negative "self pity" sort of way) but God wants me to think of it as a huge ( Love the Lord and serve him to your fullest sort of way.)

I am not sure about how far I will end up going in this process, but I know with the Lord by my side, I will go as far as my body allows. Please pray for this man that he will find the donor he needs, and if I am the one, I thank the Lord that he brought us together.


  1. Hannah, you are so selfless :) I'll be praying for you in this process <3

  2. wow Hannah! I have goosbumps and tear! praying for you!

  3. Hannah-I read your post on Erikas wall and wanted to share that a week ago today my nephew received a bone marrow transplant..the perfect match was found in Germany and was flown here. So far he is responding well to the transplant and if there are no rejections, he will be completely cured of a rare blood disease he has suffered with all 19 years of his life. The nursing staff gave him a birthday cake as they refer to the transplant as a new birth and a chance at a new life for him. You may be the angel in this young man's life that his family has been praying for! Praying that God will give you direction and guidance in this decision believing that prayer releases God's power to overcome any obstacles we feel hold us down to fullfilling His will for us.
    Jenell Johnson

  4. Wow Han! This is such a great thing you're doing. You're so strong girl... It seems like a huge ordeal for you, but just think... maybe this guy can go on and save other people someday because of you! Love you girl, we'll have to talk soon.