Monday, January 31, 2011


What is a maze? A confusing network of passages where a single, uninterrupted path is the only solution… Well, really, the maze is an illusion show that redefines what you would expect.

In Ritsche Auditorium, St. Cloud State University tomorrow February 1st at 7:00 pm and its a free show since it is sponsored by Campus Crusades for Christ. I invite all to come who can make it! It will be a great show!

This weekend was more racing in Houghton MI. It was a long drive in the bus ( 8 hours) but the races ended up even better then last week! :) 
Today I started the day off with shattering my full length mirror in my room while I was putting my make-up on it fell down on me. Ahh! It was scary! Maybe God is telling me that I really don't need to put make-up on anymore. :) 
Well I hope you all had a great day!! Love Love!

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