Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chris Medina- A story that brings you to tears.

His name is Chris Medina he is a new contestant on this round of American Idol. I watched him tryout and his story is unbelievably touching and emotional. He told us and the judges about how he has been engaged to his love Juliana for 3 years now. After proposing to her they planned on a 2 year engagement. Yet one night she was in a terrible car accident and was paralyzed due to brain damage. Chris and her family had to postpone the wedding due to medical costs and Juliana's recovery.

At his audition he sang his heart out to the song by the Script "Break Even" you could just see how he was singing to her. It was so touching. I was balling! He talks about how 2 weeks before this accident he was going to make the vow that through sickness and health he would be with her. I am so touched at how this mans life has been thrown up in the air, yet he is still so strong and trusting that everything will turn out fine. I admire this man incredibly. Just shows how God is always there for you and how he brings amazing people into your life, as he did for Juliana.

 Here is a song he wrote prior to the audition while Juliana was in the hospital.


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