Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fashion to Sweets:)

Hi Bloggers:) Some random things from the first week of school!:)

This morning I was up with the sun as usual, out skiing in the very chilly morning! My team was in Duluth this weekend racing. It went super well for all us! Thank Jesus none of us got frost bite because it was cold both days.

Last week were the start of my new classes, and WOW I have my work cut out for my this semester! But my new Business Law class is super interesting, I think I am going to really enjoy that class! New fact i learned: In a civil case there is normally 2 settlements both are money, but one is called Punitive this is what it sort of sounds like a "Punishment" after the company pays the physical and or emotional damages they can still sue for a 2nd amount of money to just punish the company. But the person suing gets all the money from both! This is how people that burn there mouth on a cup of coffee at McDonalds walks away with millions! WOW huh?:P

Yesterday me and Jon made malts with his new malt maker!:) He is such a "sweet" enthusiast, its always about the dessert:)

Being the "fashion" enthusiast I am I need to share some pics from my favorites at the Golden Globes!
 Jade was the color for this year.. super pretty!
 Who wore it better? Scarlet or Sandra


  1. hmm I love Sandra but I'm gonna have to say Scarlet!

  2. Beautiful! and I love that you have Francesca on your blog. LOVE this song for real.