Monday, January 24, 2011

Many Thanks MONDAY!

This weekend was super fun filled!:) It started with Jon and I making the trek to Maple Grove on Friday to stay with my parents for the weekend. I had ski races at Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis all weekend, and so a couple girls from my ski team stayed with us as well. Saturday started with a very cold skate race with my mom, dad and Jon watching. It was Jon's first ski race and he was loving every minute of it!:) The races were followed by a family nap including all the pets!:) Then Jon Erika and I went to Davids Bridal so I could order my brides maid dress for my beautiful friend Laura's wedding in July. Saturday night Jon and I drove down town to the Old Spaghetti Factory to meet his mother and Aunt for dinner. It was super fun meeting up with them! The Collins family sure loves food!:) Eating it and talking about it!<3 

 Dan, Erika, Mumsey and Jon
 Sunday was filled with more races and more family!:) Erika and her boyfriend Dan came as well! It was so great to have them cheering for me! Then Sunday was finished with hamburgers and pizza and the Packers!! YAY they are going to the Super bowl! Jon is a big Packer fan:P It was such a great weekend! Thanks to all my friends and family! Now back to school today studying for my first Accounting 2 exam!

Hope you all had a great day! <3