Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sweet Summer Time

Hello my lovely Bloggers!!

So, I am thrilled today! Not only is it the start of my summer va-cay, but its blessed with a 90 degree sunny day!:)
Today I received all my grades from this semester, I thank the Lord that he blessed me last week and helped me to do well in every final. I am glad to report that I am done with every accounting class I will ever have to take.

Also this week, I became a sales associate at LOFT ( formerly Ann Taylor LOFT). I am so exited to finally be in retail and its with such a great company.

WOW summer has blessed me in the past 48 hours, I cant even believe it!

After a great mothers day on sunday, and a fun girls night with the beautiful girls from Edinbrook I ended my night with a great start to a new book that my sister Erika and I are going to read together. Its called What happens when woman say yes to God and just in the first few pages the author Lysa had me in tears. I am excited to continue it tonight, and I will fill you all in tomorrow. If you are not reading a book at the moment, pick it up, I would love to chat about the book with you!

Have a great night!
<3 Hannah


  1. Soooo cute! :0) I love that you are reading a book with your sis! Fun to see you last night!

  2. FUN Hannah! I'm so glad your home :)

    btw, I gave you an award...check out my blog!

    loves you!