Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mainly May

Hello Bloggers!
Back from my hiatus for May. The month was full of fun! I have continued love for my newish job at LOFT, it is super great to work at a place that I love, my shifts are full of great co-workers and super fun LOFT  shoppers. Its amazing how much joy I get from just a smile on a lady that loves the way LOFT clothes make her look. I encourage you all to come check us out, we have great deals going on for summer essentials:)

May also included my sisters first bridal shower at my Auntie Linda's place. She lives in a one room loft, but it was just a perfect size for all us ladies. She served delicious, beautiful food full of fun flavor. ( haha say that line 10x faster) Erika was super thankful for all the great gifts and the fun games that we played full of memories of Erika and wishes for her and Dan. Speaking of Dan he left a few weeks ago for boot camp. He is now gone until just a few days before their big day. ( August 26th)

Monday is the start to my training group. I will be coaching 23 kids for 6 weeks this summer. We will do mostly roller skiing, but some running and strength/agility exercises also. I am super pumped to get going it should be a fun and definite learning experience for all:)

The book I am reading ( What happens when woman say yes to God) is super great. Touching my heart and making me cry almost everyday:)

I hope you all have a great day and stay cool in this heat!<3


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