Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ski Season Recap

Now that the ski season is officially over I like to look back on the year. It was full of trips first in the can to Montana, Wisconsin, Minneapolis, Duluth. Then it was in the coach bus to Marquette and Houghton MI.  It ended sort of bitter sweet with some good races and some bad races. The end of the season was sort of discouraging due to the warm weather which makes the wax pretty hard for the classic races. Also the last weekend in Michigan we had to move races back a day because there was 60 mph winds, over the course of the day I guess 6 trees had fallen down over the course, so thank Jesus we weren't out there skiing all day.

Now all thats left is a dinner with the team to say thanks to coach for the great year and for all he does, and to say bye to the seniors which is always sad. This year we have 5 seniors so it will leave our team pretty small for next year. Hopefully we get some new recruits to add to our now pretty young team.

Well thanks for the great season girls!

PS: Today is my puppy Norah's 8th Birthday!:) Happy Birthday NorBABY!

~ Hannah

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