Saturday, March 26, 2011


There are so many things that people are insecure about. Whether its your weight or speaking in public. I have been hit with many of mine this week. But I found this cute song by Britt Nicole that makes me come back to earth, about how much the things your afraid of most about yourself do not have to hold you back. Jesus wants you to jump in no matter what. I find that very hard sometimes. Being as competitive as I am. I don't like to do things that put me out of my element, things that I don't think I will be good at. I am insecure about not being good at something. But I cant think that way.

This past week I did my first swim triathlon. It was an indoor one at my school.. and WOW WEE! Swimming is one of the hardest things ever! I had so much fun in this event, and I almost didn't do it just because of a 15 minute swim. As hard as a 15 minute swim is ( that I found out) it was worth it, I found a new challenge that I can take on, I don't and won't be the best, but thats OK, I met knew friends and found new training partners. :)  

Now I just have to work with being OK that Accounting is not my thing, and will never be!:)

I love you all! Have a great Sunny day!

Also Welcome BABY VANDIS! My friend Sarah had her baby this week, he is a cutie!


  1. Great post, great song! And oh my what a cuuuute baby ;)

  2. I love that song! God rewards us when we do things that are a little scary or intimidating. Great post Hannah! =)