Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A day without shoes

Yesterday was marked as a day without shoes. People every where spent the whole day without shoes on to help bring awarness to the problem all around the world of people not having shoes. Jon and I took part in this even and just a day for me was hard, I cant imagine every day! My feet were freezing and walking on some terrain hurt.  
TOMS shoe company is the brains behind the operation. In 2006 Blake Mycoskie started this company and the one for one operation. He created his line of shoes and for every pair sold he gave a pair to someone in need.
His story is so great and his movment is even better! Check him out, and check out the adorable shoes he makes!:)

I hope next year even more people take a day without shoes, and for every weird look and question they get is just one more person that will be able to help out.